Thursday, March 31, 2011

Setting Goals

I decided before starting Arrow Meltdown and Pounds for P.E. (A Junior Auxiliary project) that I needed to set goals for myself during the program and even after.  The truth is I have more weight to lose than what I can accomplish in this three month program.  I felt like a reasonable and attainable goal would be 10 lbs. a month which would mean a 20 lb. weight loss for Pounds for P.E. (March 31st) and a 30 lb. weight loss at the end of Arrow Meltdown (April 29th). 

As I thought further about my goal for Arrow Meltdown, I decided I needed to add to it to try to push myself during the three months so I actually set three goals:

1.  My reasonable and attainable goal= 30 lbs.
2.  My wishful thinking goal=40 lbs
3.  My only in my dreams goal=50 lbs.   

The first month I lost 8.9 lbs and the second month I lost 10.5 bringing my total to 19.4 lbs.  This week alone I lost 6.2 lbs.  I am just a little shy of my goal, but I feel good about my progress.

Today was our last Arrow Meltdown boot camp.  We are on our own until our final weigh in on April 29th.  Someone asked me how I was feeling at this point?  Was I encouraged, discouraged, or what?  This was before our weigh in and my response was that I was encouraged!  I had set a 10 goal for each month.  I thought I might be shy of that today (never dreaming I would lose 6.2 lbs this week), but I was ready to press on. 

Arrow Meltdown is just a jumpstart for me.  I have a long road ahead, but I feel better equipped and more motivated than ever to work toward my ultimate goal.   I am not quite ready to reveal that number, but I will eventually.  I just need a little more time to work through it.  This blog is called Revealed because of my effort to be transparent about my journey so that you can be encouraged on your journey.  I will share that number soon enough, but cut me a little slack for now, if you will.

I mentioned above that the JA, Pounds for P.E. weigh in is today.  As I told you last week this is the Junior Auxiliary of Clinton  special 25th Anniversary project.  Created by JA member Christi Salassi, Pounds for P.E. is where we JA ladies along with other friends in the community commit to lose weight and strive for a healthy lifestyle.  We each seek out sponsors for our weight loss either a per pound pledge or simply a donation toward our cause and all the money is used to purchase physical education equipment for Clinton Public School District elementary schools.    Our fundraising goal is $2,500 and if you are interested in donating, please send your gift to Junior Auxiliary of Clinton, PO Box 593, Clinton, MS 39060 and write Pounds for P.E. in the memo of your check.  My loss should be around 19 lbs, but I will post the total numbers for the group next week.

The three things I learned or was reminded of this week:

Special stars shine the brightest.  This weekend I worked a Junior Auxiliary of Clinton project, Shining Stars.  This project provides respite care for parents of special needs children.  We babysit the special needs child along with their siblings for the day and then provide a casserole or two for each family's dinner that night.  The idea is to give the parents a break to do whatever they want to do for the day and not have to worry about their children.  The children were precious.  Truthfully, it was hard work.  I was only with them for 4 hours which gave me a great appreciation for these amazing parents who care for and love them along with their siblings day in and day out.  It was a true blessing for me to spend a little time with these kiddos.   
Raise up a child in the way they should go.  Sunday, I was the official photographer for the baby dedication at Morrison Heights.  What qualified me as official was the fact I was available this Sunday when others were not.  Nevertheless, it was a touching experience.  I have attended baby dedications before, but this one went above and beyond.  The parents had met together with our children's ministry staff on several occasions, read recommended books and even wrote a letter to their child outlining their hopes and dreams for him/her.  The parents stood before the congregation with their children and made a pledge before the church to raise their child in the admonition of the Lord and the church pledged to support them in their efforts.  Afterwards, there was a reception for the families and their guests with a further challenge to the parents.  As we closed the event, the parents read their letters to their children aloud to their family and guests for further accountability.  My eyes whaled with tears, as I listened to my friend read the letter he and his wife wrote to their son.  What a precious letter this boy will receive from his parents one day about how they pray for him and hope for him to know and follow the Lord.   In my work at The Baptist Children's Village, I meet children who do not know what it means to have this love and support.  How wonderful it is that there are children who do and will!

Time flies. I remember when my nephew was born, he was the pride and joy of our family.  Still is, along with his two younger sisters.  I loved cuddling all three of them as babies.  Laughed at them trying to say my name Aunt Eee-Yes instead of Celeste.  Now, the youngest is turning 4 years old this weekend, the other will soon be 5 years old and starting kindergarten this fall and my 8 year old nephew is nearly wearing a man sized shoe.  Stop the madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You're making wonderful progress, Celeste .. but then I knew you would. If you ever need an exercise buddy,call me. I'd love to catch up with what's going on in your life. It seems we never get a chance to really talk at PRAM.

  2. I am so proud of you. What a joy to see you sharing these difficult disciplines with all of Clinton. You have been an encouragement in Arrow Meltdown!

  3. Celeste! I love and miss you and will be praying for you as you journey on! Thanks for sharing your heart with us :)
    You go, girl! and press on!!