Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Think I Can

I Think I Can...

My mother always read to my sister and I as children.  It is a tradition we continue with the addition of grandchildren to the family.  One book I vividly remember is The Little Engine that Could.  It made an impression on my life with the simple story of one who doubted and was doubted and yet overcame what seemed like insurmountable obstacles.  (Side note: My favorite young childhood book was The Three Little Pigs.  My sister and I drove my mother crazy asking her to read it twenty times a day until she hid it from us.  Never fear, we found it and continued torturing her.)

My mention of this simple little children's book has a two-fold point.  First, we all face what seems like insurmountable obstacles in our lives.  Reaching a "normal weight" is mine and has been for most of my life.   This simple little lesson that was taught to me along with my trust in God's word that nothing is impossible with Him is what keeps me pressing on especially when the weight doesn't melt off as quickly as I hoped.  I am down 13.5 lbs (2.0 lbs this week) and the journey ahead at times seems impossible, but I want to finish well and to do that I must remember..."I think I can...I think I can...I know I can...I know I can...I will...I will and eventually...I did...I did!" 

Secondly, the purpose of the Arrow Meltdown is to impact and change the lives of the children we all influence, not just produce weight loss for each participant.  The lessons of good health are just as important to teach impressionable children as is the lesson of overcoming difficult circumstance.  In fact, lessons of good health may prevent them from having to face some difficulties.  I don't have my own children, but I do have influence in the lives of children both through the Junior Auxiliary of Clinton, my church, my work and my family.  I want all of these children with whom I have responsibility to experience good health and learn to maintain it on in to adulthood so they never have to fight the battle I now face.

With the mention of Junior Auxiliary of Clinton, I want to make you aware of our special 25th Anniversary project that is underway.  Created by JA member Christi Salassi, Pounds for P.E. is where we JA ladies along with other friends in the community commit to lose weight and strive for a healthy lifestyle.  We each seek out sponsors for our weight loss either a per pound pledge or simply a donation toward our cause and all the money is used to purchase physical education equipment for Clinton Public School District elementary schools.  We have our final weigh in March 31, 2011.  Our fundraising goal is $2,500 and if you are interested in donating, please send your gift to Junior Auxiliary of Clinton, PO Box 593, Clinton, MS 39060 and write Pounds for P.E. in the memo of your check.   All gifts are tax deductible.  I will update you next month on the outcome of our JA project.

The three things I learned or was reminded of this week:

Practice makes perfect.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration in this case, but this morning in Arrow Meltdown boot camp we went back to the spinning room.  You will remember we did this about a month ago and all nearly died in the process.  However, today after weeks of exercising and weight loss, we all saw a tremendous improvement on the bike.  For me, I was not winded and my endurance was much greater.  It is obvious that these lifestyle changes we all are making are changing us.

Red means STOP and Green means Go.  It is a lesson that any 3 year old who watches Barney can tell you, but for some reason adults across the state of Mississippi don't have a clue.  Okay this is where I am going to take just a minute to rant about a pet peeve of mine.  People, please hear me, a stop sign is not a suggestion, not a do-it-only-when-you-feel-like-it, and not a-take-it-or-leave-it .  No, no, is the law and a good.  I can't even tell you how many people have pull right out from a stop sign in front of me and in most case never even slowing down as I have traveled across this state these last few months.  Monday morning the offender was riding his motorcycle and thankfully I didn't hit him or him me.  I guess I have my daddy to thank for this pet peeve.  When he was teaching me to drive, (because my mother would not because I scared her too much) he made me pull up to every stop sign and stay there long enough to spell s-t-o-p before looking both ways and pulling out.  It aggravated me at 14, but now at 30-something, it isn't such a bad idea.  Be careful out there!

You are reading my blog, not sure why, but you are just the same.  I need to apologize for not posting last week.  Arrow Meltdown took the week off and so did I.  I intended on letting you know Revealed was on hiatus, but it just slipped my mind until you all started asking me about it.  I truly appreciate you for caring and reading.  I hope in some small way my transparency will be a blessing to you. 

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  1. Celeste,

    I just found your blog from your FB post. I have spent time going through all your posts since you started this blog. I didn't want to be a nameless visitor, so I thought I'd leave a comment. I'm in the same boat as you are - exercising and making smarter food choices. I've been going to the healthplex at 5am recently and it's so hard, isn't it? But I love how you are journaling about it. (I am, too, but not in such a public and vulnerable way, so good for you!!

    One thing that I've learned over the past few days, even though it takes diligence in exercising and eating right, it also takes TIME! I have to remind myself of that daily, when I want instant gratification. Or just some small result of my work. Just one day, or one week of making the right choices doesn't do the trick. God is teaching me patience in this process, that's for sure.

    I'm reading a book that you might enjoy, too. "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkhurst. Somehow it entertained me through 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning! ha! :) Her insight is amazing. Honestly, I think she's writing to me. And she might be writing to you, too.

    I will be thinking of you and your journey as I walk through mine. We can do it!

    Carly Winborne