Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Official

After a 30 minutes of exercise as a group, it is official...we all really need some work!  Of course, that is why we applied for the Arrow Meltdown, so we press on.  This morning at our first boot camp we did circut training.  It was a challenge for most if not all of us, but the great thing is many of the exercises are things that we could (and you could too) do at home.   After a 5 minute warm up, we did a circut of squats, step aerobics, resistence bands, free weights, rowing, cycling and boxing. We spent 45 seconds at each station trying to press as hard as we could and then would switch.  After two sets we cooled down.  I was so thankful that I (we) survived.  No one passed out and died, namely me.  That's one worry I can now check off my list.

Once we finished our morning exercise we move into nutrition.  Vicki Mascagni, our registered dietician is amazing!  She has wonderful insight and great information.  She has a blog if you are interested.  One of the things she warned us about was the hour of sleep.  This is that last hour of your day when you are winding down for bed.  She said sometimes we can undo our day's work in that short time by mindlessly grabbing something to eat.  Because it is important for us all to be aware of everything we are eating, we are beginning our food journals this week.  Hopefully, being more aware of what we are eating will help us make better choices.  One other great tip Vicki had was that when you don't have a healthy meal option available then divide your meal in half.  We can't always control the circumstances around us, but we can control our response.  If only eating half keeps me on track in my crazy life then half it is.

The three things I learned this week:

1.  I am full of pride.  I had to adopt the mantra "So what" this week.  So what if you look dumb in your exercise clothes, so what if you run into someone you know, so what if you fail the fitness assessment (I didn't), so what if you are out of breath after climbing the stairs to meet your fitness instructor on the thrid floor at least you didn't take the elevator.  Really, I need to get over myself and press on and do what I need to do...regardless.

2.  Not everyone in the gym is skinny.  I used to know this, but I guess being away from the gym for several years, it just slipped my mind.  I was thrilled to see all shapes and sizes, which means I will fit in just fine.

3.  4:15 a.m. is really, really, REALLY early.   I know there are many morning larks out there who would just laugh at a night owl like me, but seriously 4:15 a.m. is a challenge.  It was super cold too, which made it even worse.  I am working on being more disciplined about my bedtime on Wednesday nights.  I even turned off one of my favorite T.V. shows before they announced the winner, so that I could go to bed.  Even if you think I am crazy, I am giving myself and the other Arrow Meltdown contestants a virtual pat on the back for being there so early this morning with great attitudes ready to work hard.  This isn't easy!


  1. Good luck Celeste! I'm cheering you on!

  2. Hang in there. I so struggle with this area of my life.

  3. So proud of you. Thanks for the blog link. I totally agree with you about 4:15 AM but it will get easier....well not easy but easier. The battle is won the night before. I love the "so what" attitude. The exciting thing is you will influence others to adopt the so what attitude and begin to take care of their health.

  4. I'm with Jenny cheering you on! If you have enough will power to get up at 4:15, you will do GREAT! Praying for you!! One more comment - you are not full of pride!